Unity Church of Boerne

About Us

Our Mission Statement


Boerne was settled by German immigrants who styled themselves as “Free Thinkers.”  They chose to think, feel, and act from their own abilities and not from the strict religious ideas they grew up with.  In a real sense, we stand on the shoulders of these rugged individuals.

We are motivated to engage with our inner qualities of wisdom and love and seek to live lives of balance and coherence.  We, like our Free Thinking forebears, understand that every person is an expression of God.  We honor and celebrate that which we call “the Christ within” all people.

We each in our own way and as a community know the limits of labels and concepts.  “God,” “the Divine,” and “sacred” mean many different things and we realize that the True Essence of Creation as a whole and the many things that make up the visible presence of the Universe are but part of reality.

We promote harmony and peace as natural abilities within all.

Recognizing the value of religion, we understand that truth is found in many writings from all of history and from many different disciplines.  The lessons we learn are taken from all of life- from books, from discussions, from engaging with others, from seemingly simple and insignificant things in life.

Unity Church of Boerne

is a vibrant, loving spiritual community

providing a sacred space for personal growth.

We honor and celebrate the Christ in all people.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Hopefully you will find things on this site that will resonate with you and that you will be encouraged as you live a life of “unfolding potential.

This website is a portal, a window, into who we are as individuals and as a community.  We would be honored to have you visit us some Sunday and share in our gathering together.

We place a premium on what is best described as “water the root and enjoy the fruit.”  We each live knowing that how we care for our inner person, our true essence, will correlate to lives filled with the “fruit” of wonder, acceptance, and peace.

May this website also be a portal into that beautiful person of potential that YOU ARE!